Glenhaven Farm offers eleven acres of you-pick blueberries. The length and time of the season varies depending on weather conditions. The season begins in late July and in a good year extends through late August. Our farm features: 

  • Two varieties of blueberries, predominately Blue Crop, a mid-season variety known for its excellent size and flavor 

  • A one-acre patch of blueberries located near a parking area, for customers who cannot make the trip to our back field

  • A picturesque 10-acre field, at the end of a scenic drive up the hill, past an old stone barn foundation 

  • Very well-maintained fields, often noted by our customers

  • Family-friendly environment, where multiple generations continue the tradition of berry picking

Not only do blueberries possess culinary versatility, but they are also very good for your health. Recent studies show that blueberries are very high in antioxidants. Although studies are as yet inconclusive, antioxidants appear to play a role in preventing cancer, heart disease, and the aging process.  

Open seven days a week during the season. See operating hours.