Wines from red grapes

Cabernet Franc – A dry red wine aged in French oak. Excellent color and a nice nose with hints of pepper and blueberry, this is a wine that will age well. Pairs perfectly with steak and red pastas now.

Wines from white grapes

Riesling – A fruit-forward dry white wine with balanced acidity. The nose presents the wet stone minerality characteristic of Finger Lakes Riesling grapes. On the palate, hints of kiwi complement pear and apple notes. Pairs well with shellfish and mild white fish such as sole and halibut.

Gewürztraminer – This semi-dry white stands up for itself with its unique flavor capturing the delicate spice of the famous German grape. Pair with spicy food such as Thai curries or just savor by itself.

Sauvignon Blanc – The fruity character of this semi-sweet white evokes green apple, offering just a trace of lime.  Serve it with your favorite soft briny cheeses, with poultry dishes,  and with mild fish such as haddock, sole, and cod.  

Vidal Blanc – The sweetest of the whites in our 2019 line-up, this wine presents a good balance of sweetness and texture. A great choice for summer sipping with your favorite cheeses.

Wines from fruit

Made from 100% fruit juice with care to make them just sweet enough to complement, but not overpower the fruit.

Raspberry – A slight bitter note balances well with the intense raspberry flavor of this fruit wine. Our suggestions for using this wine as an ingredient in food preparation: add it to champagne, use it as the base for a reduction to serve with duck, use it as the liquid component of trifle.

Blackberry – Offering luscious berry flavor with just the right touch of sweet, this wine can be the dessert course by itself, or paired with summer berry desserts.

Blueberry – This wine presents a well-balanced blend of fruit and spice, with overtones of tangerine and black pepper. Serve it as a unique dessert wine that may stump your guests when asked to identify the fruit used to make it.

Rhubarb – The attractive pink color of this wine will add a festive note to the dining table. Delicious on its own as a dessert wine or as a base for a sangria-like mixture of wine and fruit such as muddled strawberries and chopped mango.


Pommeau – A sweet apple cider fortified with apple brandy, our Pommeau is aged in French oak for a smooth, vanilla finish. Serve it by itself as a dessert course or pair with your favorite fruit tarts, pies, and cobblers.